Mt. Rush

Elizabeth Orr
October 19–30, 2015
Studio 1–Goodman

Brooklyn-based artist Elizabeth Orr presented a multimedia performance and her work-in- progress film Mt. Rush, a moving-image work that interprets the language and visuality of online political marketing and the alarmist fundraising strategies of contemporary American politics.

Mt. Rush tracks the day-to-day activities of a Mount Rushmore park ranger attempting to navigate an onslaught of interactive fundraising emails in the lead up to the presidential election. Presenting a fantastical, near-future narrative that combines animation and live-action, the performance utilizes video technologies to animate a fictional email interface reminiscent of the holographic voice- and gesture-controlled screens imagined by contemporary science fiction. Serving as both narrator and foil to the ranger, the emails perform the politics of emergency so pervasive in today’s systems of governance.

Event Type
Visual Art

October 30, 2015

Production Credits

Open Call Residency Program