Listening Creates an Opening: Work-in-Progress

Mary Armentrout Dance Theater
October 19–28

Mary Armentrout Dance Theater was in residence over the course of two years to develop a new EMPAC commission, Listening Creates an Opening, which premiered in Fall 2018. This work-in-progress showing included a performance of choreography as well as footage from a year-long video time lapse taken onsite at EMPAC. The central focus of the work is how our relationship to technology changes when we are conscious of our physical movements with and around it. Leading the audience between different performance sites, Listening Creates an Opening also explores what types of histories and contexts reveal themselves from this consciously embodied perspective.

This work-in-progress showing took the audience from the newly renovated Rensselaer Off Campus Commons building to the contemporary EMPAC building. The final piece extended this journey to various performance sites on Rensselaer’s campus and in downtown Troy.

Contemporary Performance

October 27, 2017

Production Credits

Commissioned by EMPAC