Only Breath, Words

Anna Craycroft

Spring 2020

Anna Craycroft was in residence to continue production on her new theatrical work Only Breath, Words, which plays with the identification and manipulation of the source of a speaker’s voice. From harnessing the sonic potential of the air-handling system and the acoustic character of room to sculpting light sources and projection, the performance activates every part of the theater’s architecture.

Fall 2018 — Fall 2019

Catskills-based artist Anna Craycroft was in residence in the Theater to begin work on Only Breath, Words, a theatrical event that takes the embodied language characteristic of now-outmoded oral traditions as its starting point. She worked to develop theatrical lighting rigs to project words and phrases onto the stage, and collaborating with EMPAC’s production team to develop a site-specific sonic work that utilizes the Theater’s plenum and air handling system.

Presented By

EMPAC 2018–22


Spring 2021