The wave field synthesis rig suspended from the ceiling of a black box studio.

Exploring Wave Field Synthesis in Dance

Yanira Castro and Stephan Moore
December 5–6, 2019
EMPAC — Troy, NY

Choreographer Yanira Castro is in residence at EMPAC with sound collaborator Stephan Moore to explore possible uses of the Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) Array in participatory dance work.

Volunteer Day—Friday, December 6th at 2:30PM

EMPAC welcomes volunteers to assist the artists in the exploration of Wave Field Synthesis. Volunteers will be welcomed into the WFS Array to hear whispers and movement instructions that they can follow. As the bodies move through the space the sounds might follow them, or begin to sound different as others leave and enter the space.

At the end of participants’ time exploring the sounds, we will have a conversation with the artists about what people heard, perceived, and felt throughout their experience to consider the efficacy of using Wave Field Synthesis in live performance with audience members sharing a stage with performers.

How to Participate

If you are interested in participating, please meet in the EMPAC lobby at 2:30pm on Friday, December 6th. 

Main Image: An early version of the Wave Field Synthesis array in Studio 1 in 2017. Photo: EMPAC / Eileen Baumgartner.

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