a woman giving a talk on a black stage in front of a projection of a 1500's sketch.

Low Relief

Lucy Raven
Friday, March 28, 2014, at 7PM

In this illustrated lecture, Lucy Raven investigated depictions of spatial depth and the roots of 3D image making. An introduction to one aspect of her extensive research into how we see images and how images are made, Low Relief focused on the history and evolution of contemporary applications of 3D film technologies. Winding through a wide range of research and materials, Raven linked two lines of inquiry: an art-historical reading of both American and Indian bas-relief sculpture, and the outsourcing of the laborious 2D-to-3D conversion process of Hollywood movies to Mumbai-based production houses. In doing so, she explored the fluid cultural perception of spatial depth and uncovered the mechanisms of industrial cinema processes through analysis of the transnational circulation of labor and materials.

Lucy Raven’s work has been included in exhibitions and screenings internationally including Curtains, Portikus, Frankfurt (2014); Hammer Projects, the Hammer Museum, LA (2013); Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (2012); and 11 Rooms, Manchester International Festival, Manchester, United Kingdom (2011). She teaches at the Cooper Union School of Art and the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Main Image: Lucy Raven presents Low Relief in the theater, 2014. Photo: Mick Bello/EMPAC.

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Low Relief
Lucy Raven
Friday 28
7:00 AM
March 2014
Visual Art