Ephraim Asili

TIFF 2020: The Inheritance

EMPAC commission reviewed in Cinema Scope's Fall 2020 issue
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The role of past insights in (still) present-day struggles is at the heart of The Inheritance, a playful, erudite, and boundary-blurring examination of what performing Black theory, literature, music, and testimony in a contemporary Philadelphia commune might set in motion. Given even greater topicality by the current moment, Ephraim Asili’s first feature has no problems transcending it, not least in its insistence on continuity and process. Too smart to trade in conventional activism and too wry and funky to feel overly academic, Asili’s unique project is ultimately about intertwining theory and practice and making sure both are passed on to the next generation, an idea that reverberates far beyond the walls of the house.


Main Image: Ephraim Asili, Production still from The Inheritance. Photo: Mick Bello/EMPAC.

A screenshot of an article in Cinema Scope, TIFF 2020: The Inheritance (Ephraim Asili, US)
September 16, 2020


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