Yara Travesio seated in a directors style chair in front of studio lighting speaking to another woman seated in shadow off camera

Sagittarius A.

Yara Travieso
Concert Hall

Theater maker Yara Travieso was in residence to create an immersive theatrical experience designed for the EMPAC Concert Hall. Inspired by the idea of transforming the hall into a living, breathing female form, Travieso used monumental staging, experiential cinema, and sound to ignite the ceiling, side galleries, balcony, and stage. Expanding on the venue’s unique capabilities for music and opera, Travieso undertook a film shoot while in residence to create material that was later projected inside the hall, creating a rich theatrical world for the audience to explore and share in making it “breathe.” 

Yara Travieso is an American director, choreographer, and maker of worlds. She creates films, stage works, immersive installations, and live experiences centered around female protagonists. Travieso developed the work over summer 2018 along with composer and sound designer Sam Crawford and lighting designer Seth Reiser.

Main image: Yara Travesio in the Concert Hall. Photo: Mick Bello / EMPAC.


Fall 2018