a man sitting in front of several computer screens looks at a large projection of a volcano

Shifting Center: Theater

Padmini Chettur & Maarten Visser, Guillermo Escalón & Igor de Gandarias, and Micah Silver

The three artworks shift our psychoacoustic perception of spatial volume and depth. The works unfold within the architecture of a proscenium stage and are presented together as a single sequence that begins every hour on the hour, inhabiting the corresponding timescale of theatrical experience.

In the transition between each artwork, the room’s specific features and technical infrastructure are activated to conjure the transformation of image, sound, and space. You are invited to listen as distant landscapes and interconnected rooms are located within the theater in which you are seated. Subterranean frequencies and structure-borne sounds rupture into the open space of the stage and from the illusory depth of the screen.

  • Micah Silver
  • Weather in a Lagrangian Sky, (2023)
  • In collaboration with an audio system constellated by Maryanne Amacher while in residence at EMPAC in 2008/2009, 17 min.
  • Loudspeaker array: Maryanne Amacher, 2009/2023
  • Commissioned by EMPAC
  • Guillermo Escalón and Igor de Gandarias
  • Fire Dialogues. The Quest for an Impossible Music, (2023)
  • HD video with sound, 12 min.
  • Padmini Chettur and Maarten Visser
  • A Slightly Curving Place, (2022)
  • Two-channel HD video with sound, 26 min. 40 sec.

Main Image: Video still, Guillermo Escalón and Igor de Gandarias, Rapsodia Telúrica, 2023. HD video, sound. Courtesy the artists.

Concert Hall
Time-Based Visual Art, Commission, Exhibition
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EMPAC Fall 2023

Performance, Commission
Hugo Esquinca