Adam Weinert Film Still


Adam Weinert
Friday, November 4, 2022 at 8PM
Concert Hall

What would our anthem be if we wrote it today? What would it sound like, look like, and who should it serve?

Adam Weinert spent years investigating imagery of The American Dream and the radical patriotism of early American modern dance. In his new EMPAC-commissioned ANTHEM, Weinert seeks to reconcile dewy Americana with our society’s deep fissures, inequalities, and environmental degradation.

The movement in ANTHEM draws from a fake news article describing imagined original choreography from 1916 meant to accompany the national anthem. The performers begin to dissect the song and its various incarnations to relate it to a 21st-century America. The choreography reinforces the familiar and patriotic sounds of American nostalgia, yet, the work takes us into new territory that is only achievable through systems of mutual support.

Main Image: Video still from trailer for Adam Weinert’s ANTHEM. Cinematography by Zia Anger.


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Adam Weinert
Friday 4
8:00 PM
November 2022

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